Good Vibes Through Yoga with Music by Kevin Paris

Yesterday I was able to actually take a a yoga class where live music was playing for the first time in ages. I’m usually the musician! It was great to practice and flow through the poses at Bhava Studio in Breckenridge, and this class was particularly special to me because Kevin Paris was the musician. Kevin is an inspiration to me. Not only is his music similar to mine with his fusion of folk-reggae-acoustic-electronic influences, I very much resonate with his mission as a Singer Songwriter, Hug Dealer and Yoga Musician to bring positive vibes through feel good music. It’s very similar to what TLooP Music is about and it was incredible to connect with him as he is an inspiration to me.

The music I create or play live in Yoga class is meant to help people relax, to flow through a gentle, or Yin, style yoga class, and to overall just make you feel great. I very much intend my music to help people heal, feel good about themselves, and resonate positive vibes. The fist album I released last year, Music4ambiance, is intended for Yoga practice and I’m about to release a new album next month, on Valentine’s Day, called Baby’s Sleep. This one is dedicated to my son that was born just this month, and is perfect for Yoga, relaxation and reading a bedtime story to your little ones. Yoga has been such a positive influence to my life, not only as an athlete using it for recovery and increased performance, but also for the community of incredible Yogi’s, it’s ability to help you be more mindful of your daily life and living with purpose and intention, and it’s overall intention to be positive and feel good. It’s very special to me to be able to bring music to this practice, and I hope you enjoy it to. You can listen to and buy my music on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp, and please follow me, or sign up for my newsletter for news about my new album. I’m also available for your class or festival, so please don’t hesitate to reach out…hope to hear from you or see you on the mat soon.