Starting the year off…

TLooP Music

To say that 2018 has come in with a bang is an understatement. It’s been an amazingly crazy and awesome start to the new year starting with the birth of my son, to releasing my third album and working on lining up events for the year. It’s all very exciting, and to say I love what I do is an understatement. I started out playing music at the age of five and it’s been a huge part of my life since then. I played in high school and college, and now as an adult, I’m stoked to make it my career. The music I write, and mostly to play live during yoga practice or to give people a relaxing, chill vibe, is meant to make people feel Good. Happy. Relaxed. With all the daily stress we face, I love that I can give folks music to enjoy during yoga practice, chill with a glass of wine or a latte with friends, or even to have some peaceful, background music to enjoy while reading a bedtime story to your little ones.

This leads me to my new album I’m releasing this week, Baby’s Sleep. This album, dedicated to my newborn son, is meant to be used for Yoga practice, especially gentle and Yin style, for great background music, or to have some music to use in the background as you are tucking your little ones in for a night of sleep and reading bedtime stories.

This is my third album, and you can find all of them on SPOTIFY, ITUNES, AND BANDCAMP.

Please let me know how you like it, and if you have a need for a musician at your next yoga class, festival, or music venue, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ll be touring the states this summer and would be excited to be part of your event! Also, I have lot of upcoming shows I’m playing in, including a couple at this great venue in Denver, at Your Mom’s House. Check out my events page and hope to see you there!

– TLooP