My Love of Yoga & Why I Write & Perform Music for Practice

Yoga Ambient Music

TLooP Music4AmbianceMusic4Ambiance is the first album I released and it is very special for a number of reasons. As an artist I have a deep appreciation for the beauty of yoga and how it heals the human soul, and as an athlete, it is a way to give back to the yoga community for allowing me to compete so well professionally from the strength and recovery if provided me during training. The album offers a 75 minute completely instrumental album that was specifically written for yoga practice.  This album flows through the class intro into the middle climax and brings the vibe down into a restful savasana for yogis across the globe.

Reasons I enjoy performing and why it’s a great experience to practice to live music:

  1. Deepens Practice
    I find that your yoga practice can be deepened so much more through live music as you connect to it so much more than recorded music as I can be sensitive to the energy and mood in the class and adjust my music accordingly. I find it deepens your connection tot he music.
  2. Connects to the Instructor
    When performing for a live yoga class, I’m able to adjust the flow of the music based on the instructors timing and sequences when recorded music can’t. I’m able to accommodate if the instructor needs to slow down class to explain a difficult pose or sequence.
  3. Great Weekend Alternative
    It’s a great way to spend time in the Yoga community and to spend time with your friends or fellow Yogis on a Friday night.
  4. Support the Arts
    What better way to support the arts than listening to it while doing something you love!

On Friday, December 1st, I get to be part of the Friday Night Yoga Club and play for a yoga event at Pura Vida Fitness in Denver. If you are interested in attending, you can get your ticket here.

I often play music for yoga classes and festivals, and am always interested in new studios or events, so don’t hesitate to find me at one of my upcoming events or contact me to perform for you.

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